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Our Taman Negara Road Trip

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To watch the breathtaking scene of the river or to doze into dreamland was the toggling war we had to endure; sitting in one uncomfortable position for two-and-a-half hours was torturous. You can't shift your body weight about too much without dangerously swaying the narrow boat, so the only way to win the war was to doze off. And doze, many of us did.

Kuala Tahan Village Finally .

We disembarked at the LBK Floating Restaurant and had our papers checked for authenticity. After a short brief, Milkha and I separated from the other five and scaled up the river bank to meet with our awaiting driver. We found our driver after paving through the Ekoton Challets. Navigation was a breeze since we had the map of Kuala Tahan Village, courtesy of NKS Travel.

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